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Initial diagnostic

In a first phase of work the current situation of the company is evaluated from four essential points:

  1. Innovation Strategy: Evaluation of formal or informal existence of a prior innovation strategy. Vision and strategy of the company.
  2. Culture and organization : hierarchical structure, organization and interdepartmental relations. working environment and promotion of entrepreneurial culture, detection of internal entrepreneurial talent. Detection of existence barriers to innovation.
  3. Existing and potential resources : useful for the development of a sustainable innovation program.
  4. Innovation processes in products / services.

The initial diagnosis allows an “audit” of the initial innovation situation of the company. It helps determining if the company is doing a good work in innovation, what are their weaknesses, what problems exist and what opportunities. Provides a very valuable and useful information to have an overview of the company.

The initial diagnosis is made by our tool “Global Vision Innovation Health Check” A detailed questionnaire along with face interviews with key personnel of the company.

Defining innovation strategy

The result of the initial diagnosis is a detailed written report that identifies key points and the best options and tools to encourage innovation.

The report serves as a tool for strategic thinking. We analyze and determine together with the management of the company a detailed action plan and its implementation.

Most innovative enterprises (84.6%) expects an increase in turnover in 2015 and 71.3% expect an increase in productivity. Also, more than one third of innovative enterprises (36.8%) plan to increase the number of workers. Baròmetre of Innovation in Catalonia 2014 

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