Data security is one of the greatest challenges in our digital environment. Security is part of our DNA since our foundation. We help you to protect your data through three security modules levels:

Module 1. Network Security

  • Network Architecture.
  • Analysis of policy firewalls, switches, routers and Access Points.
  • Review configuration and status of remote devices and wireless access.
  • Review of insecure protocols (such as telnet).
  • Review of security in the flow of internal and external data network or remote sites.

Module 2. Review of configurations deployed in the network services

  • Detection of outdated servers or services that may compromise the network services.
  • Analysis of servers configurations. (Intranet, DNS, DHCP, SSL, document server …), locating potential weaknesses and recommendations for improving structural safety and reliability of the network.
  • Review policies implemented at the user level or machine system.
  • Analysis of system availability to a disaster. Backup policy review.
  • Protection systems for servers and workstation level (Antivirus, antispam, content filtering, proxy).
  • Analysis of possible actions without control that the user could perform (unauthorized access to information or actions that could compromise the services).

Module 3. Vulnerability Analysis

  • Check transmission of sensitive information is done safely.
  • Access to services and servers is strictly controlled.
  • Intrusion Test. Testing different forms of access to the company network as long as possible gateways. Detect vulnerabilities and devices exposed.
IT Security Modules